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Wolf Badge Achievement No. 3: Keep Your Body Healthy PDF Print E-mail

Do ALL of these:

  1. Make a chart and keep track of your health habits for two weeks (see your book for list).
  2. Tell four ways to stop the spread of colds.
  3. Show what to do for a small cut on your finger.

Den Meeting Ideas:

  • Download:  Wolf Health Habit Chart (.pdf file) or Graphic Wolf Health Chart (.gif file).
  • Germ Wars:  Needed:  water balloons and towels.  Tell the boys they are white blood cells and that the den leader is a germ. The den leader asks the boys questions from requirements 3a, b, and c. If they answer the questions correctly, they get to attack the germ (throw a water balloon). Suggestion:  Photocopy the pages from your book and cover them with contact paper so that your book does not get wet in the "attack".
  • Make a simple first-aid kit.